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Reboot your spine

Regenerating, moisturizing, toning and anti-inflammatory
proteins are ingrained in all of us.

The Munz Method

The MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® Methods are creations by Alexandre MUNZ, former Principal dancer of the Berlin Opera Ballet, trained at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet school.

Fourteen years before the scientific revolution of 2018, Alexandre’s concept applied with fascinating accuracy the equation of motor strategies that trigger the extraordinary powers of the fascia system.


Recent scientific discoveries have revolutionized the understanding of the human body. Self-regeneration, anti-aging proteins, anti-inflammatory effects, if they’re traversed by three-dimensional and multi-directional dynamic movements in extreme slowness, the fascia liquefy and unleash those extraordinary resources, ingrained in all of us. Since the movements of the MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® methods respect natural spiral patterns, the intramuscular self-massage is deep and lasting.

Mouvement fascias
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Our organs attach to the spine, fascia connect all systems, hence so many effects on body and mind.

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Alexandre MUNZ

By Alexandre MUNZ at Éditions Eyrolles

Do you suffer from back pain, recurring migraines, trouble sleeping, stiffness or chronic pain? Are you stressed out? Do you feel like you can never get enough sleep? Do you lack strength and flexibility? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then the MUNZ FLOOR® method was made for you.

Through the activation of the crossed muscle chains, the MUNZ FLOOR® exercises release the body from deep tensions, while generating a spine "reboot".

In this very practical and comprehensive book, you will find:

The benefits of applying the MUNZ FLOOR® to your spine, muscles and fascia system.
Testimonials from clients around the world.
Practical tips to start smoothly at home.
3 programs composed of 5 exercises, and photos included to practice from your home.
the extraordinary power of fascia in motion by alexandre munz
Alexandre MUNZ

Our Story

Because he suffered from chronic pain, Principal dancer Alexandre MUNZ had ended his international career. He had to undergo spine surgery but finally backed up and made a hypothesis: “What would happen if, instead of the vertical movements of my classical training, my spine was traversed by spiraled forces and counter-forces? ».

Three days later, 15 years of pain had completely vanished, Alexandre MUNZ had just developed strategies that de-densify and liquefy the fascia through movement rather than palpation, intramuscularly.

The effects being as powerful on his students’ body and mind as on his own, his classes met with extremely rapid success in Paris. Only one year after its founding in San Francisco and New York, MAISON MUNZ met the same immediate success with the training and certification of professionals in the somatic, artistic and medical fields across Europe, Africa, the United States, Canada and Asia. Since 2022, MAISON MUNZ has established in Marseille.


“The locks on my joints have suddenly popped off. This method is a miracle!"

- Christine Bruneau

“My life changed, the pain of the hernias vanished."

- Ermanno Sbezzo

“Impressive gains in amplitude and mobility."

- Mickaël Conte

“Deep muscle levels, normally difficult to access."

- Caitilin Twain

“After 17 years of fibromyalgia, a miracle. These movements are a revolutionary therapy."

- Corinne De Felices

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