My dance training began at a time when contemporary dance was just emerging in France. The strict notions of symmetry and hyper-verticality were the dominant forces, I carried this subconscious 2D perception of myself in my training during my entire career. Until the discoveries inside my three-dimensional body brought out unexpected resources and muscle strata that I wasn’t aware of before. My « raison d’être » is to transmit these phenomenal resources, because they are ingrained in each of us.

Alexandre MUNZ


MAISON MUNZ is a French company founded by Alexandre MUNZ, movement pioneer, former Principal dancer of the prestigious Berlin Opera Ballet, trained at the Paris Opera Ballet school.
The story of Alexandre MUNZ is that of an extraordinary renaissance.
Throughout his international career as a dancer, he has performed leading roles in many classical and neoclassical works, and for important contemporary choreographers, many of whom have created roles for him. He is 30 years old when he is diagnosed an inevitable spine surgery. Instead, Alexandre followed his intuition and embarked on an empirical research on his own body.

Herniated discs, aggravating osteoarthritis, recurrent ophthalmic migraines, the body and mind ran out of breath but Alexandre’s intuition and hypotheses spoke louder than diagnoses and chronic pain: he started to develop sequences of rotational dynamic micro-movements carried out extremely slowly; in three days, 15 years of chronic pain disappeared. Alexandre did not know it yet, but with nearly 15 years ahead of recent scientific research, his three-dimensional and multi-directional movements were bringing to the fascia system what it needs to trigger its extraordinary power of self-regeneration. The results were so profound and lasting that he began the teaching of his exercises to a wide variety of people, adults, seniors, children, people living with disabilities, Olympic athletes, high-level dancers… For nearly 20 years.

United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, today MAISON MUNZ trains and certifies in the MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® methods, two multi Award-Winning methods at the highest level of French and American national entities. Our certified coaches are also professionals in Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, dancers and athletes.

Alexandre MUNZ’s book published by Eyrolles Edition in Paris was a bestseller in its category immediately after release, a few months later « The Extraordinary Power of our Fascia in Motion » was translated into English.

Awards & Honors.


In recognition of his international career, Alexandre Munz received his ballet diploma, a governmental decision made in consideration of his creation of the MUNZ BARRE® Method • 2005


Winner of the Dance Legacy and Innovation Price, Alexandre Munz was granted governmental sponsorship for implementing a scientific experimentation. Treatise on MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® available at the library of the National Dance Center • 2011


In recognition of the MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® methods and their distribution in France and internationally, Alexandre Munz received a Price from the Foundation of France • 2016


Thanks to the Mayor of Paris, the national Olympic Committee and Yunus Nobel Price, MAISON MUNZ was elected “Enterprise with Major Social Impact” and selected for participating in a 1-year incubation program in San Francisco • 2017


In recognition of the MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® innovations, Alexandre Munz was granted the Green Card for Extraordinary Ability and received the status of Permanent American Resident • 2016


C.O.R.P.S. de Ballet International – Ballet Excellence in Higher Education. After being invited as the Artist of the Year for two consecutive years, Alexandre Munz was given the title of Honorific Member • 2014