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Best-seller book


Do you suffer from back pain, recurring migraines, trouble sleeping, stiffness or chronic pain? Are you stressed out? Do you feel like you can never get enough sleep? Do you lack strength and flexibility? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then the MUNZ FLOOR® method was made for you. Through the activation of the crossed muscle chains, the MUNZ FLOOR® exercises release the body from deep tensions, while generating a spine “reboot”.

the extraordinary power of fascia in motion by alexandre munz

By Alexandre MUNZ at Éditions Eyrolles

The 21st century is awakening to a phenomenon of the human body that would have been considered science fiction until recently. It is an unprecedented discovery, one that tells the body’s ability to self-regenerate.

Twenty years ago, against all odds, Alexandre MUNZ’s empirical research contradicted all medical diagnoses. In times where the fascia system was yet completely ignored by the scientific community, alike an archaeologist unearthing a buried treasure, Alexandre experienced nowadays’ fascia revolution.

Right after its release, his book published by Eyrolles Paris, one of the most prominent French Editor, was a bestseller in its category. A few months later, “The Extraordinary Power of our Fascia in Motion” was translated into English, and in Mandarin several months later.


The benefits of applying the MUNZ FLOOR® to your spine, muscles and fascia system.
Testimonials from clients around the world.
Practical tips to start smoothly at home.
3 programs composed of 5 exercises, and photos included to practice from your home.

After 40 years of ballet and chronic pains, my body knew right away, it said « I need this ».

Deborah Gismondi

I slept 11 hours, took a nap the next day, a miracle for me.

Lisette Verkaik

A magical experience, I feel rooted and exalted.

Lisette Ballard

You return to the pure essence of movement.

Anna Mora