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Become a coach

MUNZ floor®

Slow down, Step up.

Are you a sport, dance or martial art teacher? Do you practice in the medical field?

The powerful effects of the MUNZ FLOOR® method on fascia stickiness, spine decompression, fibrillar elasticity and the calming of the central nervous system through movement are probably for you.

After your training, you’ll receive a Certificate and a MUNZ FLOOR® License that gives you many rights. To this we add continuous training services, travel-free, free of charge, stress-free.

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Each level includes three CERTIFICATIONS.
For CHRYSALIS #1 or Module 1, you must have attended 3 classes upstream.

Beyond muscles.

Fourteen years before the discoveries on fascia revolutionized the understanding of the human body, the MUNZ FLOOR® method already exploited the strategies known for their major effects on all internal systems and the skin. We had time to refine our methods. Our teachers receive rigorous training rooted in 20 years of research & development recognized at the highest level of French and American national institutes.

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Prerequisite 1

To access this professional training, you must have a diploma in one of the following areas: Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonics, dance, sport, martial arts, physiotherapy, osteopathy.

Prerequisite 2

Having participated in three MUNZ FLOOR® classes ahead of submitting your application form is mandatory for your project to become a teacher. These three dates are requested in the application form. Easy and quick to fill in, you can find it at the top of this page, click on the training format that interests you.

Prerequisite 3

Three years of experience in teaching is a real asset to participate in this vocational training. If you have less than three years of experience behind you, you still have all your chances but if you have no experience, it is better that you wait a little bit.
You haven’t taken your 3 classes ahead of our Training?
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is a must.

Hand adjusting circular movements is simply impossible among a group of people lying on the floor, that’s why our coaches are trained in what’s called neurolinguistics or « voice image ».

In our past in-person programs, aspiring coaches were absorbed by their habits of hands adjusting, while through videoconference it’s the opposite, the voice is at the center of the entire training. In short, remote training brings you closer and faster to this voice guidance, which you will experience thanks to encountering real students during training.

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training for free.


License 250 € /y = 20.80 € /month

Diploma signed by Alexandre MUNZ
Quality label for your customers
You’re listed on MAISONMUNZ.COM
You’ll use the brand name and its logo
Access to other levels without application


No additional charge

Unlimited e-Masterclasses
Invitations to monthly e-Training
Recipient of the catalog updates
Brochures in Biomechanics and Neurosciences
Communication assistance and advice
Educational assistance platform

“The locks on my joints have suddenly popped off. This method is a miracle!"

- Christine Bruneau

“My life changed, the pain of the hernias vanished."

- Ermanno Sbezzo

“Impressive gains in amplitude and mobility."

- Mickaël Conte

“Deep muscle levels, normally difficult to access."

- Caitilin Twain

“After 17 years of fibromyalgia, a miracle. These movements are a revolutionary therapy."

- Corinne De Felices

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