Anaïs Lheureux

03 détourage anaïs lheureux

Anaïs is a contemporary dancer with a recognizable charisma among a thousand, choreographers love her because she’s polymorphic; that is something her many students throughout France know well as she also knows how to adapt to them. Anaïs was first the interpreter of Alexandre MUNZ’s choreographies, then he trained her in the MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® methods. Her career as a pedagogue quickly took off, Anaïs is regularly invited to prestigious national centers, her classes are sold out wherever she teaches.


Céline Cassone

03 détourage céline cassone

Céline’s international career is not only the expression of excellence, the versatility that characterizes her path says a lot about her personality. She has performed all over the world for the greatest choreographers of our time, many have created major roles for her. She received the prestigious “Étoile de Ballet 2000” Award and the “Premio Asti Danza” Award. Céline’s encounter with Alexandre MUNZ was supposed to last three days, but from the first day it was obvious: Céline understands the MUNZ FLOOR® in her flesh and soul, she is a born Top Coach.


Susanna Campo

03 détourage susanna campo

Susanna Campo was the assistant to the dance legends Paolo Bortoluzzi and Elisabetta Terabust. She has also been the teacher of huge stars such as Principal dancers Carla Fracci, Alessandra Ferri and Roberto Bolle. In her regular MUNZ FLOOR® classes, the general public often meets Soloists of the Scala of Milan Ballet. Extreme mastery is essential to train MUNZ FLOOR® coaches, but without Susanna’s personality and sense of humor, pleasure would simply not be the same.


Marie Pierre Galus

03 détourage marie pierre galus

If pedagogical talent is a gift, Marie Pierre is blessed to the highest degree. The extensive field of her studies in dance and biomechanics, her diplomas, and her activities as a choreographer and Trainer of Trainers for the French government allow her to meet a wide audience of dance lovers and professionals. Beyond her theoretical knowledge, Marie Pierre has that « je ne sais quoi » to which people often pay homage; being trained by Marie Pierre is like wearing a signature that shines on you all your life.