Who are we?

MAISON MUNZ Inc. is a C-Corp, an American company founded by movement pioneer Alex Munz; our company is based in New York. For his « Extraordinary Ability », Alex Munz was granted the status of Permanent American Resident. Through the United States, Canada and Europe, MAISON MUNZ trains and certifies professionals to the SAFE® innovations. The SAFE® methods are benefiting the fields of sport and dance at the highest level, medicine, the general public alike. Beyond its impressive therapeutic impacts, the SAFE® concept is a game changer for toning up and stretching muscles, and for regenerating the fascia system. SAFE® is also a radical solution against a major 21st century issue, back pain.

Alex Munz received his dance education at the Paris Opera Ballet school. As Principal soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, he portrayed lead roles for major choreographers, several renowned contemporary choreographers created roles for him. Unfortunately, Alex Munz’s dance education in France in the 80’s was a time when Dance Medicine had not yet taken shape. After experiencing chronic injuries along his career, he decided to stop compromising his body. In 2003, convinced he could avoid surgery and lifetime medication, Alex Munz started to practice an empirical research on his own spine; the positive impacts were so rapid and profound that he formalized a new pedagogical approach branded under the name S.A.F.E.® – Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment.

Former Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, my dance education began in the early 80’s at the Paris Opera Ballet School, contemporary dance was just emerging in France. My years of early training took place at a time when the strict notions of symmetry and hyper-verticality were the dominant forces in the training of an ideal body. All my career, I carried this subconscious perception of myself in 2D. I also believe that this way of working contributed to the chronic injuries that followed, until I founded the SAFE® methods. Literally, SAFE® saved me.

Alex Munz


Prize & Honor

2017 ··· major social impACT

MAISON MUNZ is elected enterprise « With Major Social Impact » by the Paris City Hall, the National Olympic Committee, and Yunus Nobel Prize. – Sport Business Lab, San Francisco


In regard of the SAFE® innovations, Alex Munz is granted the status of Permanent American Resident for « Extraordinary Ability ».


Prize « Yves Brieux-Ustaritz » under the auspices of La Fondation de France. 


Named Honorary Member of C.O.R.P.S. de Ballet International – Ballet Excellence in Higher Education (USA).


Sponsorship from the French Ministry of Culture, a year of scientific experimentations is led in partnership with national Institutes in the fields of Dance, Olympic Sport, and Circus. A scientific treatise by Mrs. Tiphanie Vennat is archived at the Library of the National Dance Center (France)


In regard of his international dance career, Alex Munz is granted the Ballet Teacher national diploma « With Special Fame » (Ministry of Culture, France).