We boost your career.

12-day training​

It’s undeniable, the certified Munzters® are successful, whether they are in the United States, Canada or Europe, our certified coaches have strong class attendance. This is no promotional bragging, our innovative solutions are simply transformative on all body types.

12-month incubation

You are granted the SAFE® Diploma and License. The day after, our ecosystem embraces all the problematics related to your profession. We provide state-of-the-art solutions in pedagogy and communication, we boost your daily life. MAISON MUNZ is the only company in the world that anticipates your activity in the long term. And because we share the same passion, our continuing education program is completely free of charge.

2021 2021

Vancouver, Canada

JUly 5 > 17

New York, USA

july 26 > august 7