New York, Washington (USA)

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I wasn’t athletic, I had an overweight issue, until I discovered dance at age 20 in New Delhi India, where I am born. I was initially embarrassed in dance studio watching others dance so good, so I took it as a challenge and got completely caught up in this passion, movement was activating all my senses, my whole body and mind. From then on, I thought « I’ll be a professional dancer no matter what ». I was denied and told to lose weight if I wanted to join the dance program in New Delhi, so I lost 50 pounds in 2 months; my mentor trained me with dedication and passion and I finally got ready for professional educational programs, I had the immense chance to get a scholarship at The Ailey School, official school of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York. What a change of culture! It was very challenging for a newcomer from India, but nothing could have stopped me in my passion. I danced with the Ailey Students Performance Group, then I performed professionally in Germany with the Ballet Vorpommern, a year later the Oakland Ballet Company in California hired me. One day, I was performing the lead role in Oakland, I broke my foot on stage, had to keep going, it was very tough. Then started a long period of recovery. I fell on some SAFE® FLOOR tutorials on Céline Cassone’s Instagram page, I was intrigued and inspired by that quality of movement. I tried those exercises at home and realized that even with a cast on my foot I could do it. I found out that MAISON MUNZ and Alexandre Munz were based in San Francisco, I rushed to take a class with him, after that first session I knew, SAFE® FLOOR was going to help me out of this endless recovery. The SAFE® methods are also that inspiration I was looking for, I felt that Alex was going to be my mentor, and that SAFE® FLOOR was going to be the next thing to enhance my career, as a dance artist and an educator. I’m very excited to be on this journey and help others ‘’reboot their spine’’, and I am so grateful to have been selected as the first SAFE® FLOOR Coach in the United States.