Photo credit - Maison Munz

You’re not burning energy,

you’re working out and regenerating, all-in-one.


Facing the barre with your most comfy sneakers on and our innovative strategy embracing you, high end biomechanics is now at your fingertips. SAFE® RISE opens doors toward a new you, quite literally.

SAFE® RISE is a barre training resolutely accessible to all. By evacuating all aesthetic considerations to focus on biomechanics, SAFE® RISE training brings major solutions to the general public. Our simple playful spiral movements circulate through you, awakening complex mechanisms and a natural phenomenon of synchronization: core strengthens, muscles on surface relax, joints loosen. The bonus? You’re having fun.

What impacts in real time?

Our Fitness Barre Training incorporates the most advanced in Biomechanics, we give you Fitness finesse. SAFE® RISE tones up deeper tissues, it also releases tensions at the speed of light. There’s no magic here, only your natural resource. « Reciprocal Innervation Reflex » is our secret, in other words: rejuvenating experience.