Photo credit - Maison Munz

You have the instrument, let's move beyond it.


SAFE® MOVE is an approach to movement through using mental imagery, a playful choreographic strategy that generates physiological movements, a game of architectures, an organic calligraphy made accessible to all, kids, seniors, professionals. Everyone discovers how imaginary and movement are amazingly intertwined.

Your imagination is one and unique, SAFE® MOVE guides you through a storyboard of images, organic circular movements the body acknowledges by essence. You have now a movement companion making clean sweep of all aesthetic research and judgment. Our community of Users are unanimous: the SAFE® MOVE movements come as worn from inside, limitations fall apart. Stimulated mentally, liberated physically, you discover that finesse of movement is actually accessible to all, you live the moment.

What impacts in real time?

We reinvent pleasure, SAFE® MOVE opens new doors, our Mind & Movement Technique turns choreography into innovations for all. It takes 1 minute to realize you’re having the time of your life. Meanwhile, you’re experiencing choreographic sophistication, just like that.


National French ballet diploma, certified SAFE® Trainer.

« As a professional dancer there is a before and after, SAFE® MOVE brought me maturity. As a human being too, I have more confidence in myself, I am more centered. But above all, it opened fields of possibilities ».





Solo dancer, JC. Gallotta Company.

« SAFE® MOVE builds axis and core, it releases extremities too, the approach refines movement quality and is a rewarding experience ».


Professor, University of Akron, USA.

« By exchanging concerns for outward experiences and allowing the focal point to be on mental imagery, SAFE® MOVE has driven our students to explore movement and their bodies in ways they have never experienced. It has also produced a diverse group of sensitive, genuine and confident movers ».