A revolution to face your back.


Based on the principle of dynamic spine rotations, a motor strategy with major therapeutic effects, SAFE® FLOOR reveals a capacity the body has to instantly generate muscle tone and relaxation, a natural capacity to regenerate. Laying on the floor, with no weight of gravity, no music, Users discover how much resources spine and central nervous system have when they interact.

Photo credit - Maison Munz

Micro Dynamic Rotations make forces converge towards the core, tensions are automatically released in periphery, you feel noticeable loosening of superficial muscle chains occuring by simple activation of crossed muscle chains. It is what’s called a neuromuscular stimulation, our community of Users call this "new awareness".

What impacts in real time?

Our 3D sequential dynamic core concept is transformative, SAFE® FLOOR unleashes a gold mine of natural resources left unexplored by the workout industry, impacting health, wellbeing, skin texture, muscle tone, energy level, mental and professional performances.


Principal dancer, Ballets Jazz Montreal.

« SAFE® FLOOR is concrete. It warms me up, frees me, I feel my back completely opened. And when I have pain, SAFE® FLOOR can only make it disappear, you are your own osteopath ».


National French ballet diploma, certified SAFE® Trainer.

« As teacher, watching those bodies moving so naturally, and all those faces at the end always, "Wow, I can feel it". I love this, hearing breaths, exclamations, those reactions of liberation happen all the time ».


First Soloist, Paris Opera Ballet.

« I quickly realized SAFE® FLOOR was going to restore fluidity in my movement. Body conditioning is good but static, while here everything is moving but deep movements. And that tonic relaxation meditation all-in-one thing is really interesting. It's not only for dancers or back pain, it's a great in-depth way to work on yourself ».