Photo credit - Maison Munz

The future of ballet is here, now you can dance.



By meshing ballet with contemporary biomechanics, SAFE® BARRE reinforces technical mastery and offers new ways to access ballet technique. In fact everything here is designed for your performance and your health.

As exploring the body with a magnifying lens, non-movers and professionals of all ages and all physical conditions feel deep anatomical levers, universal principles they reuse in ballet, contemporary dance, Hip Hop... With SAFE® BARRE training, everyone finds concrete and fast answers to improve daily life.

What impacts in real time?

Unusual release and flexibility occur through using crossed muscle chains toning up, and as SAFE® BARRE is an agonist / antagonist interactive technique, meaning spherical movements and deep regeneration, your body gets longer and lighter. For real.


Principal dancer, Ballets Jazz Montreal.

« Ballet training was not enough anymore, I needed to gain more strength. SAFE® BARRE reinforces and repairs at the same time, it’s also a medicine at reach of everyone. The whole ballet is here, but SAFE® BARRE is therapeutic ».


National French ballet diploma, certified SAFE® Trainer.

« SAFE® BARRE is an explosion of sensations, you find paths, it’s easier to find balance, turn, do piqués and arabesque. Frankly it was a bit unbelievable at first, all this mind body coordination revealed, I thought "voilà, that's dancing" ».


First Soloist, Paris Opera Ballet.

« I had to change, so that my body could support the intensity. With SAFE® BARRE you’re in a crossed-chain core concept, it brings length, you’re never tight, narrowed, you’re always lengthening. This natural space made inside is truly uncommon, and it feels great ».