The SAFE® FLOOR spine workout has breathtaking immediate impacts; more freedom in the joints, more muscle flexibility, movements are anti-inflammatory, they do wonders against stress. This Award-Winning neuromuscular technique was developed by Alex Munz, former Principal ballet dancer, in collaboration with scientists.

Face your back.

The concept is as innovative as it is inclusive, slow tonic micro-movements made in spiral impact deep muscle layers that tend to ossify. The SAFE® FLOOR system is an internal massage for your fasciae, those connective tissues have the power to regenerate in collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans, a complex protein. This natural phenomenon is triggered through movement or massage, two simultaneous actions induced and furthered by the SAFE® concept. Without external manipulation, accessories nor machines, you detoxify and rehydrate from inside. With SAFE® FLOOR your body is the most advanced technology.

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