What is the SAFE® approach?

SAFE® are award-winning innovations for body training in the fields of medical, sports, martial arts, dance, circus. Based on the concept of Sequential Dynamic Spine Rotation, SAFE® is unique and with unprecedented effects.

Is MAISON MUNZ the only training and certifying structure for SAFE®?

Yes, MAISON MUNZ Inc. is the only company to trade the SAFE® licence worldwide.

Can I pay for my training in installments?


How long does it take to become a SAFE® Trainer Level 1?

For each level 1, 2 or 3, the SAFE® Training lasts 14 days (6 hours per day, a total of 84 hours).

Is a diploma required to become a SAFE® Trainer?

Yes, our training is reserved for people with a professional degree/diploma.

I am not a sport coach, can I become a SAFE® Trainer?

Yes, if you are a qualified teacher of Yoga, Pilates, Fendelkrais, Gyrotonic, sport, martial arts, circus, or dance, or if you are a medical practitioner.

Do I have to be a full-time SAFE® Trainer?

No, you can be a part-time coach.

What are the levels of certification?

We have three levels of certification: Dragonspine 1, Dragonspine 2, and Dragonfly the highest level of expertise.

Are they other opportunities for my evolution in MAISON MUNZ?

Yes. MAISON MUNZ identified your passion and your skills for transmission? You could train other SAFE® Trainers and be part of the Dragonfly Team alongside Alexandre Munz. We also put you in touch with our international partners, our Munzters are regularly invited to teach near their home or abroad. You earn more and in notoriety too, we are just happy for you.

After my certification, what if I need help?

Our ecosystem accompanies you during the 12 months following your certification. Member of MAISON MUNZ you are now recipient of updates and pedagogical tools. We are a community of international Munzters, yearly workshops are addressed to our SAFE® Trainers community, continuous training units that bring us together and make you grow. You also have priority for registration in our certifying Training.

For my promotion, does MAISON MUNZ help me too?

Yes. A brochure with many language elements and pre-formatted examples is given to you on the first day of your professional training. And we proof-read and advise you whenever you ask us.

What is the price of the SAFE® license?

The license is at 250 dollars per method and per year; if you train to two methods your licenses cost you $500, if you train to the four methods you pay $1000 per year.

When does the SAFE® license/exploitation rights expire?

The license gives you the right to operate SAFE® for 12 months and benefit from our entire ecosystem. Your birthday is the month following the month of your certification.

Can I stop my contract at any time?

Yes. The collaboration agreement we sign is not an employer/employee contract, you join us to share our heritage, our ecosystem, our excellence, you can withdraw* at any time and collaborate with us again later. Remember "Maison" means a space where things must be simple.

* You have already received your training, it is not refundable.

Can I teach SAFE® where I want it?

Yes. You are an independent coach, we just ask you to communicate the place(s) where you teach, it allows us to follow you and post regularly on your activity and your events.

What are my obligations when boarding on MAISON MUNZ’s adventure?

Our collaboration gives you access to an innovative collaborative environment, what we expect from you is to maintain our premium quality at a high level and to contribute to enrich the history that MAISON MUNZ shares internationally since 2004.