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the certified munzters®

United States

MAISON MUNZ's CEO, SAFE® workout creator. Former Principal ballet dancer.

Alexandre MUNZ


Former Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, my dance education began in the ‘80s, while contemporary dance was just emerging in France. My educational years were times when the strict notions of symmetry and hyper-verticality were dominant forces in the training of an ideal body. I feel I carried out my entire career with this subconscious 2D perception of myself, I believe this way of working contributed to injuries that were to follow my dancing career, until the SAFE® training changed the rules. Quite literally, SAFE® saved me.





Sanchit_Babar SAFE® FLOOR certified Trainer in New York, USA

Sanchit BABBAR


After their discovery session, my customers often talk about what my Indian culture refers as “Kundalini“, a form of primal energy located at the base of the spine, but such power, such physical and mental state can only be reached through years of practicing, SAFE® FLOOR gets you there in 1 session, it’s a revolutionary workout about to change the way people train, it is also a very inclusive solution against many health issues. To have been chosen as the first certified coach in the USA is a tremendous opportunity and a source of intense joy, I can’t express how good it feels to share this work.



Céline Cassone SAFE® FLOOR certified coach in Montreal



SAFE® FLOOR is one of a kind, users are of all ages and all physical conditions, the impacts are unanimous, systematic, major for our 21st century in mutation. The first time I experienced the SAFE® FLOOR and the SAFE® BARRE methods, I felt I was going beyond the surface, in terms of flexibility and muscle tone, it’s a whole new world that opened to me, I thought « you absolutely have to share this with the world ». I am honored and so excited to have been chosen to be the first ambassador of MAISON MUNZ in Canada.


The Netherlands

Tim_Persent SAFE® FLOOR certified coach in Amsterdam, Netherlands



Since I passed my certification, it has been a priceless experience, my followers talk of more ease and more space in all areas of their back, and also « a unique experience » is an expression that often comes back. It is a privilege to share and witness the effects of this workout/meditation, the flushed faces, the deep breath, the cracking bones, the awareness of a deep physical experience, the general feeling of peace. Not only dancers attend the classes, also opera singers, musicians, company directors, Yoga and Pilates teachers, pensioners… it is a very rewarding experience. I am impressed with the MAISON MUNZ ecosystem, just knowing that Alexandre Munz and the other Munzters® are only a message away, it is hugely reassuring; everything is of a high professional standard, I find this technique and its ecosystem absolutely amazing. 



Marie Pierre Galus SAFE® FLOOR certified Trainer in Marseille, and Simiane Collongue

Marie Pierre GALUS


The body functioning and its natural regenerative resource have always questioned me, one day a friend said, « you must try SAFE® FLOOR, you’ll see it’s revolutionary ». After my first SAFE® FLOOR classes with Anaïs Lheureux, I knew I wanted to follow the certification too, to understand and transmit those innovations of course, but also because it was the moment to move on to another level.


Yoshiko Kinoshita SAFE® FLOOR certified coach in Marseille



The first time I practiced the SAFE® training was in 2015 when Alexandre Munz came to train the National Ballet of Marseille, I immediately thought « I absolutely must dig further in this work ». My dance career is a long intense one, yet I was still seeking to understand what core really means, with the SAFE® FLOOR and the SAFE® BARRE strategies it was no longer the head that sought, it was the body that spoke, and my whole body felt a pleasure like never before.


Anais Lheureux SAFE® FLOOR, SAFE® BARRE and SAFE® MOVE certified coach



The day I met the SAFE® BARRE method, for the first time I felt the depth of my body, from then on, I no longer danced with a flat image of myself, my ballet technique took a leap forward. While the SAFE® FLOOR training literally saved my life at a time when I had injured myself quite badly. The SAFE® techniques freed me physically, it’s also obvious to me how they helped develop my mindset, my life can say there is a before and an after SAFE®.




Caroline Manfredini Queyras SAFE® FLOOR and SAFE® BARRE certified coach in Dijon and Fontaine Lès Dijon

Caroline QUEYRAS


I had heard about the SAFE® BARRE technique, one day I was finally able to test, that day I will never forget, I had a revelation, it was taking me so much further. I then experimented the SAFE® FLOOR system with Alexandre Munz himself. You try the SAFE® FLOOR method, you adopt it right away, no need to be dancer or athlete, the impacts are incredibly fast, people discover resources they did not know they had; in practice the idea is simple, it is the effects that are complex.



Laetitia Picand SAFE® FLOOR certified coach in Paris, France

Laëtitia PICAND


Ten years ago I started to practice SAFE® FLOOR regularly, once a week was enough to feel the groundbreaking benefits. This approach is both highly codified and super inclusive, it links physical performance and uncompromising physiology, it has triggered a revolution in me. Today, my students come looking for a solution to improve their daily life, what astonishes them is that the solution is fast, durable, it’s another way of approaching everyday life.


Yoann Rifosta SAFE® FLOOR certified trainer in Reunion Island


reunion island

I was hoping to find a solution to my chronic back pain, it’s no exaggeration to say that the SAFE® FLOOR training was a revelation. During my first session, sclerotic areas of my body began to release, it felt like a regeneration, all occurring without me commanding my body. I will never forget the emotion of that day, at this time of my life there was no more treatment working for me. After 2 weeks of reproducing some exercises at home, it was a flashing evidence that becoming a Munzter® was going to be the next step of my life. Today I wish my experience benefits the greatest number.


Laurence Savona SAFE® FLOOR coach in Nice and Monaco, South of France.

Laurence SAVONA

nice monaco

I experienced the SAFE® FLOOR and SAFE® BARRE methods with Alexandre Munz, Alex taught a workshop during which I realized that, although I had not trained for 10 years, I was able to move without any of my chronic injuries waking up, it was like a revelation for me; I perceived something powerful, I perceived the body can regenerate by itself. Today, as a SAFE® FLOOR coach, I’m going beyond the surface, this work is essential, for my customers, for my own health, SAFE® FLOOR is a radical solution to back pain, an issue that pollutes millions of people worldwide.


Luc Verbitzky SAFE® FLOOR certified coach in Nancy, France



I am proud to be among the first certified SAFE® FLOOR coaches, above all I would like my fellow dancers to realize what is happening with this atypical technique. I am a performer at the CCN National Ballet of Lorraine (France), sometimes the activity is really very intense, with international tours and up to 10 choreographic pieces performed in the same period – the circular movements of SAFE® FLOOR have this regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect that I have found in no other technique, this fasciae stretching is really groundbreaking, for me there was a life before and a life after.