Lean on biomechanics.

Performance and health closely linked.
MUNZ BARRE - formally known as SAFE BARRE - is a registered trademark and can only be taught by certified MUNZ BARRE Coaches.
Combining the 19th and 20th century legacies of August Bournonville and George Balanchine, with recent discoveries on the fascia system, conserves ballet as much as it preserves your health. The extraordinary power of fascia is a reality, scientists are unanimous, Principal dancers around the world and the general public as well: the spiral movements of the MUNZ BARRE® Method decompress and reinforce the spine, while increasing hip rotation and elasticity throughout the limbs. A whole world of possibilities unfolds for adagios, jumps and pirouettes. The MUNZ BARRE® Method was created by Alexandre MUNZ, movement pioneer and former Berlin Opera Ballet Principal dancer trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School.

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