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I began my training at the prestigious Elmhurst Ballet School and, later the Ballet Rambert School. Although I trained to be a performer and loved dancing, I realized that I enjoy technique class more than performance; this directed me towards developing my pedagogical skills. I continued my dance studies at the University of Surrey and the Royal Academy of Dance, where I met Holly Price, who was inspirational in her approach to teaching ballet to children. Since graduating I have worked in many different educational settings in the UK, gradually moving away from conventional ballet training. However, I remained fascinated by ballet technique, more recently, its place within a contemporary dance education. After 12 years of teaching on the dance degree programmes at the University of Chichester, I came across a MAISON MUNZ video, checked their website and applied to a Teachers’ workshop in Sweden that focused on Alexandre Munz's work. This taster of the SAFE® BARRE method was inspirational, giving me the confidence and freedom to explore new approaches in the studio whilst still acknowledging the legacy of classical ballet and my background. I am honoured to be part of the first European SAFE® BARRE certification, being able to dig deeper into the technique and to explore its fundamentals is very exciting for the development of my studio practice.