Frequently asked questions

What is the MUNZ Method?

MUNZ Methods formally know as SAFE.

MUNZ FLOOR and MUNZ BARRE are multi awarded methods designed to train the spine and the fascia system. They are copyright and trademark protected brands. MAISON MUNZ is the parent company, we preserve and develop the MUNZ Methods internationally, we train and certify professionals, dancers, athletes, somatic practice teachers, martial arts trainers, physiotherapists. We have certified coaches currently available in the USA, Canada, and through Europe, all of them are on our website.

The MUNZ Methods bring training tools substantially adapted to our demanding times. Our physical approach aligns with recent studies in Biomechanics and in neurosciences, its impacts are known to be major on the daily life of professionals and the general public.

How can I apply?

You will be required to fill in your registration form. The demand being strong internationally, we ask our candidates to return their Application Form within 8 days. After this date we will have to release your reservation.

Am I eligible to THE Certification Program?

To be a candidate, you are required to have at least 3 years of experience as a professional in the field of dance, sport, somatic practices, martial arts, or physiotherapy.
Previous teaching experience is a huge advantage, but it is not required. Nevertheless, before their Application Form reaches our office in New York ( ), all aspiring coaches are expected to have attended a minimum of 6 classes for a total of 9 hours of practice. There are several in-person and online classes you can follow in the USA, Canada, and through Europe, classes led by our Founder Mr. Alex MUNZ (available in English or French), or weekly classes scheduled by the following certified coaches, in English, French, Spanish, Swedish or Italian > click here « WHERE DO I START » for a MUNZ FLOOR class or click here « WHERE DO I START » for a MUNZ BARRE in English, French ou Spanish.

During these classes, you are expected to display a thorough physical and analytical understanding of the principles of the MUNZ technique, a motivation in practicing, studying, and preserving the MUNZ exercises, and an understanding of the English or French languages.

If you do not meet these criteria but believe that your profile or your career are a strong case to join a Certification Program, do not hesitate to contact us through

are there registration fees?



The training takes place over two weeks, from Monday to Saturday. The days are organized as follows – 2 sessions of 3 hours each:

What do I learn during TRAINING?

Our Training covers all aspects of the teaching of the MUNZ innovations.

When and where does the Certification Program take place?

We schedule Certification Programs in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Due to the pandemic, our programs are now provided online, until further notice. click here to check the upcoming MUNZ FLOOR dates and click here to the upcoming MUNZ BARRE dates.

I have never participated to an online Training, how does it work?

Beyond the necessities imposed by the pandemic, the productivity of online training has proven to be superior to in-person training; it is so gratifying that our Founder decided to make it a sustainable program. From their home, the participants are more serene and focused, and the zooms enabled by the camera we use are perfect for magnifying the details of the micro-spherical spine movements.

Most importantly:

You may know that the MUNZ FLOOR Method is an isotonic technique, it cannot be taught through using manual adjustments: its teaching online and in studio is done at a distance from the participants, you use only your voice, hence the specific teaching strategies that you learn during your Training. Here again, the online media optimizes the final rendering: indeed, the second week of our e-Training program is devoted to your meeting of real students. In this context, the participants cannot apply their in-studio habits, which leads them to better assimilate the specificity of the MUNZ FLOOR Method.

Do you provide housing where the Certification takes place?

We do not provide or arrange housing.

How many aspirants are admitted?

We only select 5 candidates per Training session, it is important for us to lead each and everyone to their best. Years of experience have flamboyantly demonstrated that participants find here the environment they need to become true experts of the MUNZ approach.

I can’t make it for the entirety of THE Program, is it a problem?

Yes, it is. We only accept participants that can be present for the whole duration of the Certification Program.

When can I start teaching?

At the end of your Certification Program, you are handed a diploma whose design by MAISON MUNZ is highly appreciated. The day after your Training is completed, all our aspirants are ready to start their career as Munzters certified by MAISON MUNZ.

How do I launch my classes?

Our ecosystem embraces all the problematics related to your profession, we provide state-of-the-art solutions in pedagogy and in communication. Our very unique ecosystem anticipates your activity in the long term – all the following services are free of charge.

You will have access to the MUNZTERS Platform, it is an online forum to communicate on any questions you might have, or facts you would like to share. The first year following your Certification, you are beneficiary of a Continuing Education program conducted by Mr. Alex MUNZ in person. The idea of this Continuing Education program is to make you constantly evolve, we are here for you all year round, including after the 1st year of launching your classes.


Your mentor provides you with knowledge and advice as often as you wish, from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and summer holidays.


Our exclusive contract also gives you access to 6 private videoconferences with Mr. MUNZ, each lasting a maximum of 30 minutes. You can consult him on any subject that concerns you.


Four times a year, you share an extract of your class, in return your mentor sends you an audiovisual document: Mr. MUNZ talks to you in front of the camera, he physically demonstrates finer points of the exercises you shared with him, he gives you advice and reminders. You find here new ideas to adapt to your clientele, and perspectives that will shine on your future as a MUNZ Coach and on your clients.


Each year, we offer masterclasses delivered online, live from New York. This workshop is taught by the creator of the MUNZ methods. Apart from being an opportunity to meet the community of international coaches, you receive more expertise from Mr. MUNZ. Note that this is the opportunity to be taught new exercises – all free of charge.


In the 2 months following your Certification Program, you will receive promotional materials to launch your new skills. This is also a period during which you are progressively trained to empower in communication. At your request, we edit professional quality photos and videos + texts for your social networks that are entirely based on your own needs and the testimonials of your students + descriptions for your website + email templates for your search of new partnerships + an annual brochure + a press kit.


We include your profile on our website. This is useful as potential customers often contact our certified coaches directly from our website. MAISON MUNZ the parent company is also contacted through email, we take care of redirecting your potential customers.


Our only interest is to provide you with the most suitable conditions to alleviate the launch of your new classes. Supporting you in this demanding period is also our way of helping you in your search for excellence. That is what matters most to us, our company does not earn any interest on your income. Please note that alike any company, MAISON MUNZ has the right to modify or adjust its exceptional conditions at any time. These conditions are not contractual, they are completely free for you.

What if I want to cancel the Certification Program I booked?

Like mentioned above, our Certification Program has a very limited capacity (5 participants per Training session), and we select only candidates who we think are ready for this program, so we ask all coach aspirants to warn us at least 3 months before the start of the Training session they chose to join.

If it is observed that the participant does not have the physical or psychological aptitudes to practice and/or teach the MUNZ Methods, MAISON MUNZ has the right to terminate the contract early during or at the end of the Certification Program. In this case, MAISON MUNZ will inform the participant in detail and in writing. Termination during or at the end of the Certification Program does not entail any rights to reimbursement or compensation for the days of Training from which the participant has already benefited.

What if I am not qualified to be certified at the end of the Training?

In any training program, a certification is never guaranteed, participation is always at your own risk, but we have built an ecosystem that is totally committed to everyone being successful. Our certification programs are designed to ensure that we take care of each participant individually: we do not accept more than 5 participants per training.

Even if you are not licensed to teach the MUNZ Methods, you are still an aspirant. If you want to advance your project of becoming a certified coach, the educational material you received during this 12-day program gives you a lot of potential: you are mentored by the multi awarded generator of the MUNZ Methods himself, you receive a catalog containing a large amount of exercises and 2 special editions dedicated to the MUNZ Methods and its teaching strategies, and you are guided through a week of teaching experience with real students.

If you are ready to continue your MUNZ Training, you will be able to participate in another certification program at a reduced rate of 50%. Between the two programs, you must attend at least thirty-six 90-minute classes, for a total of 54 hours.

It is essential to note that, regardless of the certification, the MUNZ Training is deemed to be a transformative experience, in which you learn new ways to train the spine and the fascia system, you therefore gain new knowledge, at both a personal and a professional level.

Do you provide scholarships?

We do not.

For our European aspirants: we are an American company headquartered in New York. In France and in some European countries, an American company cannot be covered by Education funds. For that reason, MAISON MUNZ provides payment facilities, your Training is payable in 2 or 3 installments; there is no interest rate or administration fees on our installment plans. You pay at your own pace, the only condition is that your Training must be fully paid before the start of it. Note that several of our certified coaches have had their Training funded by a Non-Profit Organization (school, training center, etc.) – this is a possibility that might be interesting for you.

I need more information, where can I get it?

Please make sure to read thoroughly all the pages on our website. If you have a question, send us an email to