Frequently asked questions

What is the MUNZ Method?

MUNZ Methods formally know as SAFE.
Aligned with recent studies in biomechanics and neurosciences, multi awarded at the highest level of French and American authorities, the MUNZ methods provide training tools substantially adapted to our demanding times. These innovations activate the resources ingrained in the spine and the fascia system, their strong regenerative power and their ability to leverage technical performance are deemed to considerably improve the daily lives of the general public and bodywork professionals.

How can I apply?

By completing a registration form. As demand is strong internationally, we ask our candidates to return their application form within 8 days. After this date, we will have to release your reservation. Simply go to the Certification page then click on the training you are interested in, you will be put in contact with our office.

Am I eligible to THE Certification Program?

To be a candidate, you are required to have at least 3 years of experience as a professional in the field of dance, sport, somatic practices, martial arts, or physiotherapy.
Previous teaching experience is a huge advantage, but not mandatory. However, before their application form reaches our office ( ), all aspiring coaches must have completed at least five MUNZ classes. There are many classes available in person or online that you can take in the United States, Canada, across Europe, and Asia.
During these classes, you are expected to display a thorough physical and analytical understanding of the principles of the MUNZ technique, a motivation in practicing, studying, and preserving the MUNZ exercises. If you do not meet these criteria but believe that your profile or your career are a strong case to join a Certification Program, do not hesitate to contact us through

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, 50 dollars / 45 euros (variable according to the conversion rate of the day). Whether your application is accepted or not, the registration fee is acquired. Alike many training organizations, we charge an application fee for the administration and the work we provide so that each file is carefully examined by the members of our selection committee.

What do I learn during TRAINING?

When and where does the Certification Program take place?

Due to the pandemic, our programs are now provided online, until further notice. 

I have never participated to an online Training, how does it work?

Beyond the necessities imposed by the pandemic, the productivity of online training has proven to be superior to in-person training. From their home, the aspiring coaches are more serene and focused, the zooms made possible by the camera magnify our spinal movements.
Most importantly:
The MUNZ FLOOR method cannot be taught using manual adjustments, and the lying position does not allow eye contact with the coach, so its teaching online and in-person is done through using the voice only, at a distance from the participants, thanks to a technique developed by Alexandre MUNZ. Coaches trained remotely are more productive, from not being able to resort to their habits of teaching in the studio, they assimilate better and more rapidly the specificity of this teaching technique.

Do you provide housing where the Certification takes place?

We do not provide or arrange housing.

How many aspirants are admitted?

We only select 5 candidates per Training session, it is important for us to lead each and everyone to their best. Recently, the demand being particularly strong, Mr. MUNZ agreed to train a maximum of 7 persons per training, in the cases of course where the applications were accepted.

I can’t make it for the entirety of THE Program, is it a problem?

Yes, it is. We only accept participants that can be present for the whole duration of the Certification Program.

When can I start teaching?

After the end of your 6-day or 3-day training, you will be ready and authorized to launch your activity as a certified coach.

How do I launch my classes?

During your training, we publish a professional quality headshot and announcement that we broadcast on all our social networks. After your training, we renew these productions to announce that you are now a coach certified by MAISON MUNZ. This service is 100% free.
On our website, we create an individual profile for you, this includes ways to contact you and follow you on social media. That means that MAISON MUNZ followers can contact you to register for your classes. This service is 100% free of charge.
Note that, alike any company, MAISON MUNZ has the right to modify or adjust its exceptional conditions at any time without notice. These conditions are not contractual, and they are completely free for you.

What if I want to cancel the Certification Program I booked?

Please consult our Cancellation Policy, by clicking on this link.

If it is observed that the participant does not have the physical or psychological aptitudes to practice and/or teach the MUNZ Methods, MAISON MUNZ has the right to terminate the contract early during or at the end of the Certification Program. In this case, MAISON MUNZ will inform the participant in detail and in writing. Termination during or at the end of the Certification Program does not entail any rights to reimbursement or compensation for the days of Training from which the participant has already benefited.

What if I am not qualified to be certified at the end of the Training?

Alike any serious professional training, a certification is never guaranteed. Participation is always at your own risk, but we have designed training contents that have proven to be particularly effective, so that 99.9% of our aspiring coaches are successful.
If you fail, you will obviously not be authorized to teach the MUNZ method, but you remain an aspiring coach. With the training and the catalog of exercises you have received, it is still possible for you to refine your project of becoming a coach and participate in another training.

It is essential to note that, regardless of the certification, the MUNZ Training is deemed to be a transformative experience, in which you learn new ways to train the spine and the fascia system, you therefore gain new knowledge at a personal and professional level.

Do you provide scholarships?

We do not.
MAISON MUNZ provides payment facilities, your training is payable in 2 or 3 installments. Unlike many other companies, we do not charge any interest rates or administrative fees on our installments. You pay at your own pace, the only condition is that your training is fully paid before the start of it.

I need more information, where can I get it?

Please make sure to read thoroughly all the pages on our website. If you have a question, send us an email to