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Former Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, my dance education began in the ‘80s, while contemporary dance was just emerging in France. My educational years were times when the strict notions of symmetry and hyper-verticality were dominant forces in the training of an ideal body. I feel I carried out my entire career with this subconscious 2D perception of myself, I believe this way of working contributed to injuries that were to follow my dancing career, until I founded the MUNZ methods. Quite literally, MUNZ saved me.



Jovinna CHAN

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In my first MUNZ FLOOR class, I experienced an immediate resonance and felt an overall well-being in my physical, emotional and mental bodies. The slow segmented spiral movements not only make my body feel rejuvenated and alive, they also generate in my mind and heart a deep sense of peace and confidence. In my e-Training, I was very excited to dive deeper into MUNZ FLOOR with its creator Alex Munz, for my own health benefit but also to share this exquisite offering with others.
MUNZ  FLOOR  Certificate 1, Level 1



A MUNZ BARRE class isn’t like a normal movement class, it takes you deeper into the human body, into the amazing powers of the spine and the fascia system. In my e-Training I have found solutions and all the knowledge for the many movers out there dealing with back and hip issues, to help them feel good on stage and through their lives. This innovative barre work actually did more, it has opened up my mind to a whole new field of possibilities, as well as a new way of teaching ballet movement.

MUNZ  BARRE Level 1, 2 and 3


New York & Woodstock

I decided to train in MUNZ FLOOR because it was critical in helping me regain mobility and ease at a time when I was in so much pain that I couldn’t dance. The MUNZ FLOOR method helped me to recover flexibility, muscle tone, and also balance after having a baby. With those movements, I delve into the spine and the fascia system like never before, it brings me into a place of strength, ease, and openness. And I have gained so much from my e-Training with its originator Alex MUNZ.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2


New York

During the pandemic, I took my very first online MUNZ BARRE class, I immediately felt the changes that this barre work generates on muscles and bones. As the spinal spiral movements interconnect with ballet exercices, they create more space between the vertebrae, and you gain in amplitudes, in a big way. I love that constant use of “epaulement”, how it is intertwined with biomechanics, how it resonates on balance and hips rotations… Folding in and out of your supporting leg is truly fantastic, you find a new elasticity, not to mention how these sensations transfer into the after-barre work. Fascia sliding is real!

MUNZ  BARRE Level 1 , 2 and 3



The MUNZ FLOOR method is a game changer. Training with a spiral spine concept requires much less energies and generates far more positive results than anything I know, I am able to grasp the complexity of the human body, I am able to tap in spaces of my body I was usually unable to access, resources I apply into my daily work. MUNZ FLOOR gives me the freedom I was pursuing. MUNZ FLOOR is about sharing the power of fascia with the world, a treasure that is waiting to rise in every one of us. This MAISON MUNZ adventure is fascinating, it is a beautiful expression of nowadays’ evolutions.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2


CeDar City - Utah

In 2019, I received my MUNZ BARRE diploma Level 1, from non-professionals to high-caliber dancers I have witnessed the deep and rapid impacts of this methodology, so I knew that one day, especially in times of unprecedented breakthrough of fascia research, I was going to train in the MUNZ FLOOR method as well. And indeed, every day of my e-Training showed me the transformation and the beauty there is in tapping into the spine and the fascia, it allows a radical change in the way we dance and move in daily life. I wish to thank Alex MUNZ for being an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher who has always supported my journey with thoroughness and empathy.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2

MUNZ  BARRE Level 1, 2, and 3