Game changers.

the certified munzters

The Netherlands

Georgia BODDEZ


This method has an astounding ability to make you go in-depth while letting you be completely autonomous. I love the immediate effects of increased muscle tone and flexibility, they make me more in tune with my body and mind as a whole. Learning directly from the originator Alex MUNZ made me delve into the very sources of MUNZ FLOOR and all its molecular intricacies. This e-Training brought me what I was looking for, a journey in the fascia and central nervous systems, I now understand why this tridimensional multidirectional method unleashes powerful resources, whatever your morphology and level are.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2



MUNZ FLOOR is a rejuvenating experience, it’s a physical meditation too. My clients have responded very positively, it has been a huge benefit for them, physically, mentally, emotionally; someone recently sent me a message that says « MUNZ FLOOR is a language, with each exercise you write poetry ». And the MUNZ BARRE method is an incredible way to approach ballet technique, in such a flowing natural way and without making any compromise with wellbeing.

MUNZ  FLOOR  Level  1, 2, 3 and 4

MUNZ  BARRE Level 1, 2 and 3