Game changers.

the certified munzters®

The Netherlands



Since I passed my certification, it has been a priceless experience, my followers talk of more ease and more space in all areas of their back, and also « a unique experience » is an expression that often comes back. It is a privilege to share and witness the effects of this workout/meditation, the flushed faces, the deep breath, the cracking bones, the awareness of a deep physical experience, the general feeling of peace. Not only dancers attend the classes, also opera singers, musicians, company directors, Yoga and Pilates teachers, pensioners… it is a very rewarding experience. I am impressed with the MAISON MUNZ ecosystem, just knowing that Alex Munz and the other Munzters® are only a message away, it is hugely reassuring; everything is of a high professional standard, I find this technique and its ecosystem absolutely amazing.

SAFE® FLOOR  Levels  1 & 2