Game changers.

the certified munzters


Jean-François KESSLER


I was immediately won over by MUNZ FLOOR, this apparent smoothness has intense and immediate effects. In my e-Training with Alex MUNZ, day by day I was opening new doors, as if I was diving into the wings of the human body. Those sensations of flexibility and deeper muscle tone are fascinating, with the dynamic spherical movements of the MUNZ FLOOR method we delve into our inner volumes, we self-massage. And for me who works overseas all the time, the MUNZ FLOOR work is a huge time saver.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2


saint gallen

I’m completely blown away by the power of this MUNZ FLOOR spine method, it literally regenerated me from within. It makes you feel your body like through a magnifying lens. Bones, muscles, connective tissues, are addressed in-depth, it’s physical, it’s meditative too. There’s huge finesse but all is made accessible, to every background and all body types. And this e-Training is made of interconnected layers I loved, it’s an experience like nothing I knew.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2



It took only an e-Training for a complete makeover, I’m now wrung out of tensions, my muscles lengthened and softened like never before, it’s like having the body of a new born again, completely free! These sensations are crazy, these spherical movements don’t burn the energy, they recycle it, that creates amazing articular freedom. I’m a professional dancer, I‘m supposed to know how to take care of my body, but with MUNZ FLOOR I’ve found other resources. Not to mention my MUNZ BARRE diploma which was a total rediscovery of my body and ballet. Same impacts as MUNZ FLOOR, the amplitude gains are impressive!

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2




My first MUNZ FLOOR class was the revelation I was anticipating. The effects are breathtakingly fast, the back and joint pain faded away, I found freedom of movement with stunning effects on mental strength. In this 6-day e-Training with Alex MUNZ, I experienced real happiness. These three-dimensional movements change the game but there is also this teaching technique, we dive into a transmission through neurolinguistics articulated with the neuromuscular effects.

MUNZ  FLOOR Certificate 1, Level 1