Game changers.

the certified munzters


Christelle BION


MUNZ FLOOR is a body approach that taps into our emotions, these 12-day e-Training has completely regenerated me, yes physically for sure, but I’m also mentally different. I went through strong emotions which gave way to a serenity at the source of my spine. And my core muscles tightened, as they grew stronger they gave me a new lease of life, an inner elasticity and aplomb that I didn’t think I could achieve. MUNZ FLOOR is another way of looking at performance and health. A new era has started for me.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2

Giuseppina CACCAVO


I immediately fell in love with the MUNZ FLOOR method, those exercises give you direct access into the fascia and spine. My online Training with Alex Munz was eyeopening, this method brings true body/mind connection which you learn to teach without making eye-contact or hand adjustment. Not to mention how tensions and pain literally vanish while you generate huge bone freedom and muscle lengthening. This work and that teaching technique are huge help for my clients and students.
MUNZ  FLOOR  Certificate 1, Level 1

Susanna CAMPO


From the 1st class, these smooth and intense spiral movements gave me completely new sensations, this is what immediately fascinated me, by decompressing my spine I found great joint freedom that spread throughout my body. My MUNZ FLOOR e-Training from the one who created these innovations was much more than a certification, Alex MUNZ brought me a large repertoire of exercises for dancers, athletes and the general public, and at the same time I was taking care of myself, my fascia, my muscles, my central nervous system, every day I was surprised by unexpected changes.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1, 2, 3 and 4



This e-Training made me grow. MUNZ FLOOR changes the game, not only you smoothen and tone your muscles like never before, in addition to that, chronic pains vanish as if your body was only waiting for these spherical movements. And all the connections with ballet are obvious, the dancers need these deep sensations!

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2



With an intense dancer’s and teacher’s career, how do you go forward in a safe way? I have found that answer in the MUNZ FLOOR method. In a single session, I felt the benefits of those slow dynamic micro-movements through my spine and fascia, it also acted as an anti-inflammatory massage, tensions and pain disappeared, I was so surprised. Shortly after, I even went back to doing ballet figures I could not do anymore. I must thank Alex Munz for this exciting opportunity, my students are blown away!

MUNZ  FLOOR  Certificate 1, Level 1