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MUNZ FLOOR is one of a kind, users of all ages go beyond the surface, in terms of flexibility and muscle tone, it’s a whole new world that opened to me. The MUNZ BARRE is at the service of ballet, with no compromising on the dancers’ technique and health. This accentuated epaulement technique lengthens, stabilizes, it allows the center of gravity to slide through it, the decompressed hips release more turn-out. These effects come like a flash on the body.

MUNZ  FLOOR  Level 1, 2, 3 and 4

MUNZ  BARRE Level  1, 2 and 3



These apparently gentle movements tone you deeply and your fascia are massaged from the inside, these fibrillar tissues rehydrate straight away in 1 class, this method is quite unique.

MUNZ  FLOOR  Level 1, 2, 3 and 4



With MUNZ FLOOR I discovered new movement patterns, and how they massage the fascia, muscles, organs. These dynamic circular exercises also deepen body awareness, you’re empowered by this three dimensional approach. My back pain disappeared, and I gained in mobility and flexibility. So it became obvious, I had to teach it as well. This e-Training with Alex MUNZ got me to the root of it.

MUNZ  FLOOR Level 1 and 2



The MUNZ FLOOR method helped me get through the pandemic, in fact, this practice has literally changed my life, the mental benefits are undeniable. Just as quickly, I also saw a marked improvement in the quality of my sleep, and of course, there were those phenomenal gains in elasticity, joint mobility, and muscle tone that the MUNZ FLOOR is known for; not to mention the anti-inflammatory effects, my neck pain is completely gone. So I wanted to share these incredible benefits with my students. I would like to thank Alexandre Munz, this online Training brings us closer to what founded this heritage.

MUNZ  FLOOR Certificate 1, Level 1