We propel your career.

12-day training

It is undeniable, the certified Munzters® are successful, whether they are in Europe, in Canada, in the United States, a few weeks after being granted the Certificate and the exclusivity of the SAFE® License, the coaches we train have strong class attendance, their innovative know-how has impressive impacts on all body types.

12-month ecosystem

You are granted the SAFE® diploma, the day after we’re already here for you, our ecosystem embraces all the problematics related to your profession. We provide state-of-the-art solutions in pedagogy and communication that boost your daily life. MAISON MUNZ is the only company in the world to anticipate your activity in the long term, and because we take your passion very seriously, these services are free of charge for 12 months.

New York, USA


SAFE® FLOOR professional certification

Paris, France

october 21 > november 2

Lyon, France


Los Angeles, USA

MARCH 16 > 28

SAFE® BARRE professional certification

Montpellier, France

april 6 > 18

Montreal, Canada

juNE 29 > JULY 11

SAFE® FLOOR professional certification

Amsterdam, Netherlands

july 20 > august 1

SAFE® FLOOR professional certification

Geneva, Switzerland

august 10 > 22

Chicago, USA

OCTOBER 12 > 24