Montreal, Canada



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I have been immersed in art and dance since childhood, my mother was Soloist at the Ballet National de Marseille, my father a close assistant to Roland Petit and Director of the Ballet de l'Opéra Grand Avignon. I was 15 when I left the Conservatory of Avignon for Berlin, I was a good student but reassuring shackles and certainties have never stuck to my skin. After a series of shows with the Berlin Opera Ballet, I was engaged in the Ballet Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, 5 years filled with unforgettable repertoire and artistic encounters, there I understood what moves me. Then I felt the need of new horizons, I found it at the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, I experienced 10 absolutely wonderful years. One day, at the Dance Salad Festival/Houston International Dance Coalition Gala, I fell in love with the Ballet Jazz of Montreal ...I've been a Principal dancer for this company for almost 11 years. I am lucky to have a flexible and resistant body, I have rarely injured myself, yet I am like a researcher, my instinct pushes me towards the unfathomable. With the SAFE® FLOOR and SAFE® BARRE methods I knew that I was going much further beyond the surface. Not only has my body found a flexibility and a muscle tone without any pain, but it's also a whole new world that has opened to me, I thought "you absolutely have to share this with the dancers and all those people you meet in the Training Centers". I’m first training to be a SAFE® FLOOR Trainer, and will soon be training to the SAFE® BARRE, the essential alternative to the ballet barre that so many dancers have been waiting for. In the morning I am in rehearsal, the afternoon I am trained by Alexandre Munz, everything articulates so naturally, I just have one wish, to meet the expectations of those precious tools.