San francisco (USA), Argentina

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I was born in Argentina, I started ballet at age 6 and quickly got attracted by modern styles too, I was really hooked on dance. As I was growing up, I realized I was very much into understanding the body functioning, so at age 22, I left Argentina and traveled in different places in Europe and the USA with that purpose of learning the finesse and the interconnections of the body and the mind. At some point of my international journey, I was living in New York and was getting homesick, I started Tango to alleviate my nostalgia for Argentina, I became really passionate about this artform. From then on and until today, I dedicated to Tango performing and teaching, I won several prestigious prices and awards. In the meantime, teaching was still that part of me I was concerned about, probably because I had founded a family and was raising children, I was really interested in the neurological development of kids. Since 2015, I am also a staff teacher for the ODC Youth Dance program. One day, one of my Tango students told me about Alexandre Munz and his innovative technique, my student was so enthusiastic I thought I had to check that out. What a discovery! SAFE® FLOOR was answering so many questions and expectations I had. Now here I am, opening new doors, this Pro Training makes me happy, it’s going to be very useful for my customers, kids and adults, and for myself as well. Digging into the body functioning and its mental impacts is just incredible, not to mention I am truly excited of being among the very first SAFE® FLOOR Trainers certified in the USA.