Solution to worldwide need.

MAISON MUNZ addresses a huge unmet need: solution to low back pain.

Declared public health issue in several countries, also called 21st century issue, Low Back Pain affects 540 million people worldwide.

In reality, our 15-year international expertise impacts people on many other levels, and in a major way.  Watch Caroline Broc in action.

Innovations for all.

Never assimilated by the workout industry, late 20th century went through a major breakthrough that fits in 3 words: Dynamic Spine Rotation. Our Sequential Dynamic Rotation strategy is transformative, and mind-blowing therapeutic in most cases. Our recipe? Passion for genuine sustainable Health and Fitness.

World premiere.

A high level Principal dancer designed our core concept and methods, such high end expertise had never been translated for the general public. Our customers are seniors, their kids, their grandchildren. We run a 100% physio-logic concept, sheer definition of “user friendly” in Biomechanics. That’s why SAFE® is so inclusive.

Join the Extraordinary.

With new knowledge come new rules. Scientists are unanimous, we’re experiencing unparalleled breakthroughs in fascia researching. That’s why our Users call us ‘unique’, SAFE® unleashes your fascia’s regenerative super power.

You’re SAFE® now.

No external manipulation, no medication, fascia regenerates best through movement, and good fascia - homogeneous, flexible, without stickiness - immediately give a boost to skin texture and muscle tone. MAISON MUNZ does not heal people, we do better than this, we empower them in the most natural way.

Game-changing solution.

You’ve got no time to waste and our time with you is precious, our secret spine strategy concentrates your efforts and objectives, you’re making progress incredibly fast.

Freedom in joints, weight loss, better sleep, energy level, our Users also often cancel medication, injections, they cancel spine surgery in some cases. And since our 3D Sequential Dynamic strategy is the one allowing interactions of bone, muscle, vegetative, fascia and central nervous systems, SAFE® clearly benefits your global appearance.